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(Decided) About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

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Ok, tis the season for new firearms. Looking for a new rifle for both personal and work use. Got to be 5.56 unless I can get something else approved, I'm really liking the ACR, but considering the SCAR and a number of AR type weapons. Any advice from owners/ users/ former owners etc.. would be greatly appreciated. Pics too. Lately from prices I've seen as far as ACR/SCAR goes, the ACR has the price advantage, being somewhat competitive with Gas piston ar platforms. Also curious as to any experiences with the SIG 556.
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Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

Had a Sig 556 and it was somewhat front heavy. (for me, YMMV)

Handled a SCAR and it was really light and fast handling.

ACR was tad heavier than SCAR.

For the record, I haven't shot either SCAR or ACR. And below is what I'm stuck with....fixed-op-rod AR.

Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

SCAR, no doubt about it.
Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

Everything I've read about ACR vs SCAR gives the nod to the SCAR. How about neither? I'd look into a piston LMT MRP. ... 685&page=1

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Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

I shot a guy's SCAR at the range once (he wanted to shoot my Sub 2000) and man that was just a really great rifle. The balance, accuracy, fit, finish, weight, everything was exactly how I would want it to be. That said, they are way out of my price range. You could completely outfit 2 "standard" DI ARs for the cost of the SCAR (unless you can get some sort of deal)
Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

These are all piston AR's?
Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

bdee said:
These are all piston AR's?
The SCAR and ACR are both piston guns
Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

I'm having a hard time resisting the SCAR. It's hard to justify thebmoney for something I don't really need though.

It's really difficult being a cheapskate with expensive tastes!

Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

SCAR. I love mine. It's accurate, lightweight, and so far extremely reliable. The stock feels almost flimsy but so far it's held up well on mine and on every one I know of in private hands.

Here are the few annoyances of the SCAR:
1. Price

2. Magwell may not drop mags free especially PMAGs. Mine didn't but I fixed it with some sanding sponges in about 15 minutes.

3. If you don't like the standard A2 grip or a Tango Down Grip you'll have to modify the grip of your choice or trim the grip tang on the lower receiver. Yeh, I took a file to a $2500 gun the day I bought it.

4. The reciprocating charging handle will remind you not to choke the magwell. I have no issues with this but apparently some people are whiney slow learners.

5. Sling mounting points. I hate and despise the stock ones. You have to use HK style hooks which bind up and rattle a lot. The forward sling mount interferes with your grip if you use a forward hand grip. I solve this with a short Universal Wire Loop on the rear receiver mount and a Viking Tactics LPGSM mounted on the bottom rail just forward of the magwell.

6. The forward hand guard is short. They had to make it that way so the .mil ones would take the 10.5 barrel. It still has enough space to mount a light, ir/vis laser designator/illuminator (PEQ-15 or 15A), and a vertical fore grip should you need to. Mine sports an excellent SF Scout LED in a Danger Close Consulting low pro mount and a TangoDown QD stubby grip. If you want to run you hand out further or mount a light like an X300/400 at the 12 o'clock you can always get the PWS rail extension.

7. Spare parts availability. FN ain't selling any last I heard. They'll fix your stuff if you mail it in no problem. Supposedly they'll make parts available in the future after they're done with the military orders.

8. Mod parts availability. There's not a lot available right now but I've heard there's going to be a bunch debuted at the SHOT Show in Vega's next week.

9. That PWS Muzzle brake is very very effective and REALLY LOUD! It's simple to change out if you so desire.

10. The trigger is a mil spec trigger which is kinda stiff just like a standard AR trigger. I'm used to it and don't have any delusions of being a sniper. Timmney & Giessile have triggers coming out if you want a lighter trigger.

Knowing all this now I'd still buy another one in a second. Matter of fact I'm saving up now for the .308 version. I own a Sig 556. It isn't anywhere close to being as good of a rifle as the SCAR. The ACR is an interesting idea but given its instant recall for going F/A, problems with the charging handle peening, the barrel ratchet handle breaking, the piggish weight, retarded barrel profile, and Bushmaster's plant closing I think I'll wait a few years and see how that all plays out before I plunk down my $$$.

I also own a LMT CQB MRP. It's a great gun but kinda heavy for a DI gun. Slap the piston kit in it and it's a nose heavy pig. My 2 cents. YMMV.
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Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

I have never owned an ACR. I currently own a SCAR 16S. I used to own a Sig 556 SWAT.

The ACR was never really a serious consideration for me primarily because of the base weight. I got rid of the Sig 556 because of the forward weight of the full length piston. If you are considering the above rifles, I assume you are also going to spend some change on accessories and optics so the base weight becomes important.

I liked that the R&D for the SCAR was entirely under the FNH roof instead of being passed around like the village bicycle. The 16 was not purchased by SOCOM because it did not offer significant advantages to merit the extra cost expenditure. They are buying the 17 which shares significant parts commonality with the 16. Overall, I've been more than satisfied with the 16S. It didn't like PMAGs in the beginning but it's starting to warm up to them. It has been 100% with USGI mags. The iron sights are excellent and not just an afterthought. The rail is short but that saves on weight and improves balance. I can't think of too many disadvantages that haven't been already noted.

When I sold the Sig 556, the price differential between it and the SCAR was marginal after you accounted for the upgraded sights and PWS brake on the 16S. Now that Sig has slashed the 556s, the cost is similar to mid-level ARs. This is a big advantage for the 556 since it was 100% reliable for me. The 556 bolt is a direct evolution of the AK bolt (enough said); it also works with a variety of mags.

In regards to piston ARs, I prefer to have piston guns which were designed from the ground up in that role.
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Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other

The SCAR is one of the most thoroughly tested weapons systems on the face of the planet. They're light, accurate and shoot really well. If you don't like the short rails, there are extensions out now. There should be some good stuff coming out of SHOT for the SCAR as well.

ACR, well it is a shrubmaster and has been recalled once already. The Remington ACRs are pretty sweet but you'll never see one. The Bushmasters had some corners cut.

If price is an option, LWRC makes nice guns as does LMT for a piston gun. I wouldn't touch anything else in a piston (except an H&K but good luck with that as well).

If you don't have anything right now, I'd recommend a Daniel Defense M4v5. It's the best deal going for a high quality carbine. If you want the latest and greatest, look at the SCAR.
Re: About to buy, looking for advice. ACR/SCAR/Other (Decided)

Ok so today I put in my order for the Enhanced Bushmaster ACR. While I greatly appreciate the feedback received here, which seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of the FN Scar or another Piston AR variant there were several factors that weighed into my decision.

1. Cost: Upper end piston AR's are quite expensive, with the best ones running upwards of $1600.00 dollars.... to me if I'm going to spend that much it might as well be a SCAR or ACR, the SIG 556 ran at around $1,000- $1,500 depending on the variation. SCAR's were all north of $2,400.00. I found an ACR (which I subsequently ordered) for $2,000 out the door brand new, the enhanced version.

2. Weight: Or at least perceived weight. Maybe it's just me but piston AR's seem pretty front heavy to me, the 556 felt like the heaviest weapon I touched. The SCAR was certainly noticeably lighter than the ACR, but to me the ACR felt more balanced.

3. Ergonomics: an AR is an AR as far as ergonomics are concerned, and with the thousands of accessories out there you can make anyone suit you just fine. The scar was very comfortable but again, with the front heavy feeling just didn't feel "right" to me. The sig 556 just felt all wrong to me. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was just... wrong. The ACR had some of the best ergonomics I've ever felt for a stock rifle. In this category it was probably only ever really between the ACR and the SCAR because of the appeal the folding stock has to me.

I am expecting my acr within the next two to three business days as it travels from Wyoming to Georgia. Anyone who has one have any tips or tricks I need to know about that I may not already know, please share.
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We have some very knowledgeable people on this forum about firearms, and this thread just about proves it.
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