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Deals to Watch For at RK Gun Show Sept 25 - 26

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Saw an ad in the AJC this weekend, said that Cherokee Gun & Pawn was offering these Super Show Blowout deals on new S&W revolvers at the upcoming RK Gun Show Sept 25 - 26 at the Atlanta Expo Center:

S&W 637
S&W 638
S&W 642

$299 + Tax

There was no mention of the rebate, so I am assuming this is pre-rebate. If so, what a deal! If I were in the market for a sweet little 38 Spec +P revolver for pocket or other discreet carry, I'd be at the RK Gun Show this Saturday looking to take advantage of this deal. Heck, even if its post-rebate, it is still a good deal!!
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That is a fantastic deal if it is pre-rebate. It's still a good deal if it's post rebate.
It's Post rebate, and a heck of a deal.

I wonder if they have the same deal at the store?
SongDogSniper said:
. . . at the upcoming RK Gun Show Sept 25 - 26 at the Atlanta Expo Center . . .
And if you're gonna be there, come by and say hi or (even better) help us out at the G.C.O recruiting table, here.

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