Deal's 2A platform

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by jdh31313, Oct 6, 2010.

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    I understand that Deal's 2A platform is to protect gun rights in Georgia. This seem a little vague to me. What I really want to know is what will Deal do to expand gun rights in Georgia as it pertains to carry, off limits places, and such. Does anyone have any additional info relating his views on expending 2A rights in Georgia?
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    I know he said he wants carry at Hartsfield Jackson in the unsecured area. Beyond that I haven't heard of anything specific.

    I do know one thing. He isn't close to being the most pro-2A choice for governor.

    To be honest, he may be about the same as Perdue, or even maybe a little less 2A than him.

    I know one thing, Monds has made many more pro-2A statements than Deal has.

    I get the feeling that Deal is one of those... "Ohh I support the NRA, I support hunters out there, and I think guns are good, candidates."

    Monds has actually come out and said that he thinks that any Georgia citizen who is not federally barred from carrying a gun should be able to carry anywhere that they want to for self-defense. That means, government buildings, schools, college and public schools through K-12, ect. He is also for unlicensed carry in Georgia. He is for taking away Georgia's "Katrina Law."

    I can't say the same for Deal. If we bring up another bill taking away the "Katrina Law," a bill saying we can carry in government buildings and college and public schools, or a bill taking away our license all together, I'm not so sure he would sign it and/or not veto it, much like Perdue did to us.

    I'm still upset with Perdue for vetoing SB291 to take away the Katrina Law. Do we really want to go through all that work to get a great gun bill to his desk, just to have it vetoed again?