Dead patient allowed to die again

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    Yeah, it's that kind of story.

    46 year old man has heart attack.

    At the horsepistol, they pronounce him dead.

    But the family sees him moving, and trying to breathe!

    The call the nurses, and doctor, over to take a second look.

    "Nah, he's dead. When we say somebody's dead, they're dead."

    So the county coroner comes to pick up the body.

    He won't take him. He says he only picks up dead people. This one's not dead yet.

    "Don't worry, he will be" was the hospital's attitude. They didn't seem to care.

    Yeah, he eventually died for real. But that was after having no medical treatment for hours.

    There's a lawsuit.

    Is this horrifying, or what????

    And I have no confidence in the court system of New York to find justice here. It's as corrupt as Chicago on election day. It's all about who you know and which community leader or politician is on your side, not the merits of your legal claim (or defense).
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    What, we don’t do bedside cardiac echo to confirm death any more?

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    I immediately thought of this. (NSFW word at the very end)

    For the record, I like my inappropriate sense of humor.
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  4. Phil1979

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    That'll teach the 46 year old not to go to the emergency with a non-emergency. He didn't die quick enough, so how much of an emergency could it have been? /sarcasm

    Seriously, if the man's family could tell he was still alive, and hospital staff ADMITTED he was still alive, why didn't they help him? /non-sarcasm

    Maybe their echo machine was broken. /sarcasm

    I hope they win their lawsuit to the tune of many dollars. /non-sarcasm
  5. AtlPhilip

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    If the family murdered those responsible In Cold Blood I would not find them guilty of disturbing the peace.