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Dawson County - New Application

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My wife got finger printed today for her GFL. The prints were scanned, but it was transmitted as "insufficient due to malformation." That's how they annotate scans from people with amputations and such. She has all her digits, but my wife is severely allergic to wheat gluten and has eczema flare ups on her hands from time to time. Who can resist a slice of pizza here and there? Her fingers scanned fine as a group, but the last three fingers on her left hand would not yield a good print individually because they roll your entire print from one side of your finger to the other. The deputy said that if he didn't annotate it as mentioned above, it would get denied. So there's an interesting twist to this application.

The lady at the probate court office was really nice (she typed in my wife's info and printed up an application). The people at the jail were nice as well. Now we wait, and shop for that perfect revolver. :)

BTW, the website mentions bringing a SASE when applying. We were told by the probate court lady that the SASE was not necessary as they would call my wife to come in and pick up her GFL when ready. Also, the jail did not charge/ask my wife for the $5.00 when she was printed. Those are little details, but I thought it might help someone in the future.
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