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    So, at the GCO convention this year, I won one of the silent auctions for a gift certificate for the re-blue of a firearm. Well, I had sold my Makarov by then and didn't really have a firearm that needed re-bluing, but Danny was kind enough to offer up the same value in any sort of re-finishing.

    I took my Sig P226, vintage 1995, to him to re-finish the slide. It was is decent condition, but clearly showed signs of having been used on and off for 15 years. I picked it up today. My Sig looks like it's fresh out of the factory box. He did an absolutely amazing job on my firearm, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get refinishing work done.

    Why yes, I do have pics:



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    Nice work Danny! That's a fine looking Sig.

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    It does look like a brand new gun! Very nice work. :righton: