Damn Mexicans have no respect for other peoples' stuff!!!

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by mzmtg, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. mzmtg

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    I'm in the parking lot at work having just pulled up. I'm in the car still, putting on my gloves and stuff. A car full of Messicans pulls into the spot on my passenger side.


    They slammed BOTH of the doors into the side of my car.

    I got out and said, "What the hell?" The old woman getting out of the front seat looked like she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. They younger guy getting out of the back clearly didn't give a damn.

    I walked around the front of the car and they are just standing there putting their work stuff on while their doors are still hitting my car. I said, "Can you get your f***ing car doors off of my car?"

    Blank stares.

    I just walked off. But, as soon as I got up the steps and around the corner, I heard my alarm go off. That can only mean they slammed something into my car again.

    I went back down there. I yelled at them some more. I got more blank stares in return. I moved my car to the far end of the lot.

    I wish I had somewhere else to park. I wish there weren't 8 of them and 1 of me.

    Damn people have no respect for other peoples' stuff. Just because their car was a POS doesn't mean that had to turn mine into one too. I'm going back down to the lot later to inspect the damage and at least get plates and descriptions from their cars, just in case.
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    I just saw on the news where some guy was stapled to his burning car hood this morning by 8 MS13 members.

    Poor guy . . .

    No description of their getaway car other than it was a "POS" with an old woman driving.


  3. mzmtg

    mzmtg Active Member

    That must have been one hell of a stapler...

    I did what I could. I went back down there and took pics of their car(s). I also moved my car again.

    ...just in case...

    I couldn't tell which door dings were new and which were old when I looked at my car. But, it's the principle...
  4. Sharky

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    Join the club. People in general are just inconciderate. Doesnt matter what race, creed, or color. My truck was given a love tap right on the edge of the cab near the door. They obviously did not like my truck and the dodge stickers on my rear window. The dent was right next to the NASCAR driver I support. And this happened the day after he had just made the chase for the championship! Too bad I did not see them do it.


    (Sorry if I cant spell!)
  5. Rammstein

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    If I see 8 spanish looking dudes with tats all over their face surrounding me.....it's time for Mr. Glock to make his grand entrance.
  6. BergerBoy

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    Same thing happened to me. I worked at Lowe's and was sitting in my car on a cigarette break. Truck full of 7 hispanic workers pull in next to me, toss the door open, and pop my driver's door. I roll down the window and the younger guy that did it went wide-eyed and said "Sorry", but the others gave me a real glare.

    I went back in but checked to see when they came back out; they were more careful that time.

    I'm not racist, but there is a much stronger disregard for others' property in the hispanic crowd. Then again, it's not like hardly any of the general public gives a damn either..... (I worked at a mall :roll: )
  7. Tinkerhell

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    I think it's hard to blame this on anything except personal character.
    You either have respect for things (your & others) or you don't. I've seen examples from both sides from many ethnic groups and from all economic groups. I've seen very poor black and hispanic people that take very good care of the things they have & that belong to others; people that have very little and are caring & proud of what they do have. And I've seen the opposite - poor people that begrudge anyone who has something nicer than they do. These same people tend to not care for what they do have either. I've also seen affluent white people that don't care about anyone elses stuff but heaven help you if you scratch or dent their belongings.

    It's not race or wealth or education. It's just simple upbringing and moral background. Anyone from any group can be good or bad.
  8. Ruger13

    Ruger13 Guest

    Wonderfully stated!! :righton:
  9. Macktee

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    Well put. I agree completely. It has nothing to do with where people are from but everything to do with how they were raised.
  10. Rammstein

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    I gotta agree. I've seen rich white kids disrespect people property rights. Hell, we had some kids breaking into peoples garages so they could get some beer.
  11. gunsbillygun

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    i agree people in general don't care , if you were brought up that way.
    but if you were brought up and taught to respect others and there property or you would visit the woodshed later you got the understanding pretty quick and it stuck with you and thy in turn taught it to there kids,
    time out dont work .
  12. Tinkerhell

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    Someone else who gets it.
  13. Adam5

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    My wife always laughs at me when I park the car, especially her Saab. If i'm between a new Mercedes and a beat up POS, I make sure that I'm closer to the Mercedes and give the POS plenty of room, especially if it's a mini van with likds sports stickers in it.
  14. slabertooch

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    My wife refuses to park next to a vehicle that is banged up or in need of repair. So far it has worked for her pretty well, no dings in the doors yet and her car is 3 years old (knocks on wood). She will drive halfway around the mall looking for a decent car to park next to. However she doesn't like it to much when I ask her what happens if the nice car moves while we are in the mall and a "undisirable" vehicle take the vacant spot. :D
  15. Gunstar1

    Gunstar1 Administrator

    Whats worse than that is when you purposfully park far out in the lot, 6-7 empty spaces between you and the next car, and some pos parks right next to you so close you can barely get in the car.
  16. DrGlock

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    thats what your extra car keys are for!
  17. Dan

    Dan Cumberland County, Maine

    Trust me when I say I know what you are going through! I have been rear ended by 3 "latinos" and none of them had insurance. Thank god my Dodge 2500 is a tank in comparison to their junker cars.
  18. Montieth

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    That's not for Mr Glock, he stays in the holster. That's time for Mr. M1 Carbine and his good friend Mr Bayonet.
  19. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    I know this isn't funny at all, but MP that was hilarious.
  20. Purge

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