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Am I missing something here or is this crazy?!
The group that is supposed to be supporting gun rights is potentially kicking us in the nuts.

USMCR (and MP becuase I think you have/had similar concerns) I've been considering joining the NRA what with the big push (USMCR is SUCH a pimp :wink: ) on these forums but this kind of thing along with the recent debacle surrounding HB43 really makes me lean towards not join. Yes I know the argument of "they ignore non-members complaints" but I can't really justify giving money to be used against my wishes & have my complaints ignored anyway.

Local, State & Fed politicians REALLY just make me want to move to some island and wall myself away from the rest of the world. All three groups have put me off so badly lately (the dems won't defund the war but they pass a BS piece of legislation they know will be vetoed so they can "send a message". The state guys ignore an important piece of legilature because they "don't like the way some of the lobbists acted". My local people are argueing like kindergardners about naming a building after someone when the local government is in the toliet & they are doing nothing to fix the situation. Can you tell my frustration level is at a peak. I thought our politicians were supposed to do what was good for the country & its people not themselves & their jobs.
I need to go find a dandelion patch to sit in for a while.... (5pts to anyone that gets that ref)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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