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I just wanted to give some credit out where due.

So, last time I went to the range with my CZ-75B I discovered that one of my magazines was having trouble and would pop out while firing even though my hands weren't anywhere near the magazine release. Upon inspection, the catch for the magazine release seemed worn.

So Friday, I called CZ and they e-mailed me a return label to overnight the firearm and mags back to them (their expense). I dropped off my firearm at FedEx with their prepaid overnight label on.

Saturday - Gun shipped
Monday - Gun delivered, 1PM, Kansas City, KS
Tuesday - E-mail received @11AM w/ Fed-Ex Tracking Number
Wednesday - Gun delivered @2PM w/ new magazine release

Their turnaround time at the factory to replace the mag release and test fire the weapon was less than 24 hours. I shipped my gun Saturday, and within 3 business days the gun had gotten to CZ, been fixed, shipped back and delivered. Shipping was paid for by CZ-USA both ways.

Best service ever. :righton:

I was debating on what kind of compact 9mm to get next. After this, I'm definitely going to buy another CZ to show my appreciation.

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Service like that is hard to put a price on. :righton:

CZ is on my list of pistols I am considering for my next purchase and they just moved up a couple slots. :righton:
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