CZ-82 from AIMSurplus

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by kestak, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. kestak

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    Just to let you know guys that I received my new CZ-82 from AimSurplus and it is not in Excellent condition. it is in NEW condition!!! :shock:

    There was just a little bit of powder residue in the canon like when I bought my new XD or Taurus. I am assuming this is from the factory test fire.

    I did not shoot it yet (HP Ammo arriving tomorrow) but the feel in the hand is very nice. It is in the small and light side of an handgun and I am considering to maybe use that one to carry in my coat pocket when I walk my dogs instead of carrying my XD45c. :twisted:

    I think if you were looking to buy one, AimSurplus has the one you want in stock right now. 8)

    Thank you
  2. ptsmith24

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    Aim is where I got my M44. Excellent customer service, quick shipping, and the rifle was in really good condition for a good price. I don't think I've read a bad review of the place.

  3. Macktee

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    Nice looking pistol. I have a FEG PA-63 that shoots the same 9x18 round. I really like it. I like the gun. I like the cartridge.

    Actually, I've been thinking about getting a CZ-82 and you just may have convinced me! New? Huh? Really? New? Too Cool!!!!!

    Well, I've also been thinking about getting a "real" Makarov as well as a Polish PA-64 and a Hungarian FEG RK-59 (assuming I can find one and can afford it) and... only about a couple of thousand others!

    Who knows? I may actually buy one or two of them. Maybe..... or not.

    Whatever. Dats one cool pistola you got there kestak. Congrats!

  4. maggie

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    If you know anybody with an Ellett Bros hook-up, I think they were like $
    169 or so in the new Nov. flyer, anyway it was $20 less than B-4.