'cuz He's professional enough to carry in a Prohibited place

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    This evening I stopped for dinner at a local trendy dining establishment... being alone, I sat at the bar and while there I was regaled with a story from the management. He reported that earlier that day, a Kingston police officer had left a weapon in the men's room. He described it as a 9mm, in a pouch thingy with extra clips. He even had a photo of it on his camera phone. After glancing at the photo, I immediately offered two corrections to his thinking: one, they're magazines not clips. Second, the firearm was unmistakably a 1911, which I informed him was most likely of the .45 caliber kind. He also said that the guy did not have the nerve to retrieve it himself but sent had a buddy pick it up for him.

    Never in my eight years in the Army did I ever even drop my weapon, much less leave it laying around. It is unfathomable to me how someone can just leave a weapon lying around.
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    Re: 'cuz He's professional enough to carry in a Prohibited p

    Aero, that's because even when you were in the Army, your subject line did not apply to you. :p