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From Manchester NH last week....

At least nine bullets were fired in a shootout Saturday morning at a downtown bar that ended with the gunman who allegedly instigated the shooting hospitalized after he was shot twice by another customer.

About 50 people were inside the Uptown Tavern, 1301 Elm St., at 12:45 a.m. Saturday when the shooting happened, sending customers diving to the floor for cover.

Police said Eliezer Encarnacion, 26, of 214 Bremer St., Apt. 2, fired a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun about a half-dozen times at two bouncers and the assistant manager standing in a rear doorway.

Customer Kenneth Gage then pulled out his Kel Tec .380 semiautomatic handgun and fired it three times, hitting Encarnacion twice, according to court records.

Police did not release Gage's age or address. He told police he pulled out his gun and fired it after Encarnacion shot at the bouncers and at him.

Encarnacion and Adrian Brown, 32, of 46 Dover St., Apt. 8, were drinking in the upstairs lounge when one of them inappropriately touched a woman, and they were asked to leave, David Somers, who co-owns the bar, told the New Hampshire Sunday News.

According to court records, bouncer Erick Turner said Brown became confrontational as he was removing him from the bar and assistant manager Jeremy Tinker came to his aid, as did Chad Chapman, another bouncer.

As they were escorting the two Virgin Islands natives out of the bar, Brown allegedly punched Chapman in the face several times.

Chapman grabbed him by the neck and began walking him out the rear door, according to Det. Stacy Howe's affidavit. Then Chapman heard the "cocking" action of a semiautomatic handgun and turned to see Encarnacion pointing a black gun directly at him.

Chapman dove back into the bar to avoid being shot.

Witness Travis Smith heard two gunshots and told police everybody in the bar "hit the deck." Then he heard several other gunshots and saw two black men run out the back door.

Smith and his friends chased after them, catching up to the wounded Encarnacion, who fell to the ground at Myrtle Street. Smith stayed with him until police arrived.

Witness Andre Dupont was outside the bar when he saw two black men near the rear entrance yelling. One of them pulled a black gun from his waistband and fired it six or seven times in two separate bursts, Dupont said.

After the second volley of gunshots, Gage told police he pulled out his gun and fired it at Encarnacion and Brown. Gage told investigators he was uncertain if one or both of the men had guns and were firing them.

Just before the shooting, Gage told police, he saw two bouncers arguing with Brown and Encarnacion. He learned one of them was a boxer and decided to walk over near the bouncers in case they needed help.

In 1999, Adrian Brown trained at the Queen City Boxing Gym. He and his four brothers were all involved in boxing and he and older brother, Gilbert Brown, both captured New England Golden Gloves championships.

One of the bouncers was trying to get Brown and Encarnacion out the rear door when a fight broke out, Gage said, and one of them began shooting directly at the bouncers and at him.

Gage, who voluntarily surrendered his gun to police, told investigators he was amazed no one was hit.

Police recovered six .45-caliber casings and three spent .380-caliber casings from the area where Encarnacion was standing at the time of the shooting. They also recovered the .45-caliber handgun.

Two fresh bullet holes were in the wall of the 4-by-4-foot alcove where Chapman, Tinker and Turner were standing.

Encarnacion has been charged in the shooting and is being detained on $100,000 cash/surety bail. He is to return to court on April 26 for a probable cause hearing and again on June 25 for a trial.

Brown, who was stopped by police at the intersection of Pine and Orange streets, pleaded innocent in Manchester District Court to simple assault, accusing him of punching Chapman in the face.

He told the judge he didn't know why he was being charged with anything. "I heard gunshots and I ran," he said. "I'm innocent."

Brown has a 1 1/2-to-3-year deferred jail sentence pending, which stems from a cocaine-related conviction in January in Hillsborough County Superior Court, according to the prosecutor.

His bail is $2,000 cash/surety. He is to return to court on June 28.

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Sounds like a nice, friendly, neighborhood bar.

Much like "Cheers".

Well, other than the two bouncers...

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Police Investigate Nightclub Shooting
One Injury Reported

POSTED: 6:06 pm EDT April 14, 2007
UPDATED: 7:07 pm EDT April 14, 2007

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- There was a shootout in a Manchester bar early Saturday, leaving one man wounded and under arrest.

It all started when Eliezer Encarnacion, 26, of Manchester, and another man were thrown out of the Uptown Tavern just before 1 a.m., following a confrontation with employees, police said.

Encarnacion pulled a gun and fired several shots at tavern employees, police said. A customer who saw the shooting then pulled his own gun and wounded the gunman.

Encarnacion ran off, wounded in the arm and leg, but police found him a short while later. After surgery, he was recovering and awaiting a court date on attempted assault and firearms charges. His companion was arrested on a probation violation.

No one in the bar was hurt.
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