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Cumberland Mall

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Went to get two slices of cheese cake at The Cheesecake Factory, then a slice of pizza from the food court. As I walked into the front door there as a sign as plan as could be. The bottom line read,and I paraphrase, no guns or deadly weapons allowed. The top of the sign read something to effect of "rules for your safety" or something to that effect.

Not to mentioned, I was armed with my usual winter carry, my XD45 Service, that is concealed very well on me.

Still, I doubt if I will return anytime soon. For while the owners of Cumberland Mall doesn't respect my Second Amendment rights, I do respect their Fifth Amendment rights and the Free-market.
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I have open carried only in Macy's and no one said anything. Cumberland mall sucks even if they did have a sign that said carriers welcome. :D
You need to carry 2 or more guns in that mall it is so bad
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