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Cumberland Island and Rifles?

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I know the island has been discussed before. I plan on going to do a camping trip soon. I know they suppose to now allow weapons. I plan to going to the wilderness part of the island. I wanted to bring along my AR-15 for self defense. Anyone know how the rangers may react?
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They will react with a frown, but it won't do them much good.
I know it really doesn't matter, but I would think just from the perception standpoint, you might get if you were raised eyebrows if you brought a simple 22 rifle or shotgun instead of an AR 15.
The Cumberland Island Ferry is a private business. They operate as an Authorized Concessioner, but not owned/ operated by the National Park Service. Would they be able to ban firearms on the ferry to the island? You can still get onto Cumberland Island via personal boats also, so you would be able to take it that way. But the ferry company might not allow it. If you take it concealed (in a backpack for instance), and the park staff sees it on the island, there's not much they could do on the island. But if they notify the ferry company about it, could getting back to the mainland be an issue?
Perhaps someone could call Cumberland Island Ferry to see what they would do, if it would be a non-issue?

Ask them would they strand you on the island if they later find out you are armed.
Hunting is offered on the island which would imply a requirement of firearms. Don't know what happens outside of the designated hunting periods.

Hunting Six public hunts are held during Georgia’s hunting seasons. The hunts are advertised in newspapers and participants are selected on a first come first serve basis. Contact the Hunt Ranger at (912) 882-4336 ext. 253 for more information or visit for more information.
IIRC some of the islands are archery only.

There are also still some private land areas on the island iirc.
I went there once and I remember passing through a building to board the ferry. Is that building a federal building that houses a federal office?
I sent an email just now to get clarification.

Edit: Well I just got a delivery failed. From using their webform.
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