Crossing state lines - must I unload spare magazine?

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Bob_S, Mar 20, 2017.

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    When we travel, I carry at least one fully loaded spare magazine. Within GA, I know it's no problem to have it on me or in the glove box. BUT...

    I searched and searched but can't find anything specific to my question. I know Title 18 US Code 926c talks about transporting ammo and firearms in separate locked containers. But nothing about a spare magazine. I would be grateful if someone could give me search tips. I tried 'transporting ammo and magazine' but the results all seemed to be California or Canada specific.

    The question I am researching is "When I cross state lines( AL, FL, NC, SC, TN), do I have to stop, unload the spare mag and store ammo and mag in separate containers?"

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    All the states are different. You have to research the laws of each state in which you will travel.

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    So what you're asking is if the federal safe passage law, passed as part of the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, covers ammunition in addition to a firearm. You're anticipating that some state may criminalize the possession of ammunition that is not securely locked up even though your firearm, being securely locked up, gets the federal preemption / traveler's safe passage treatment. Right?
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    Maybe. Until recently, I carried a Springfield XD45 (13+1). When I traveled to NC, when I got to the SC line, I stopped, removed my XD from my belt and put it in the glove box (this was before they recognized GA license). I only had the one magazine in the XD loaded. Now I have a XDS 9 (7+1) and I carry an extra 7 round mag. With the change to recognizing GA license, I should not have to remove my XDS. However, do I have to remove my spare 7 round magazine, remove the ammo and lock them up in separate containers? I know the XDS/XD in the glove box is fine and covered. However, I cannot find any references concerning a spare/back up magazine for CCW licenses holders. All I find is 'to transport ammo across state lines, it must be in an inaccessible sealed container at the rear of the vehicle (paraphrase).
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    If you have a Georgia Weapons Carry License, and only travel through states that reciprocate with GA, then you are good to be carrying a loaded pistol on your person and have loaded pistols anywhere in your vehicle.

    Keep in mind that any Federal law protecting you transporting ammo will not help you if you possess normal self-defense (hollow-points) ammo, and travel to NJ, for example. Also, some states will nail you if you possess normal ("high") capacity magazines. Those states have a limit of 10. I think NY even has a limit of 7.