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So in my seemingly daily wasted efforts to comment on blogs on more liberal parts of the internet, the Chicago vs. NYC gun violence comes up a lot. The liberals like to point out that gun owners point to Chicago having really strict gun laws and yet a lot of crime, but that Chicago has had to drop a lot of their restrictions due to federal courts and other bureaucracy (little things I guess, like 'constitutionality'). They like to assign cause and effect between dropping the gun restrictions and the rise in crime, as well as blame Indiana for 'law laws' (like not requiring a permit to buy a firearm, just like most states don't).

I actually found a good article that pretty much avoids this and looks at real issues:
A better explanation comes in the form of environment. This is one area where New York and Chicago are hugely different. Due to economic flight, systemic housing discrimination, zoning laws that isolate the poor, and a long list of other factors, Chicago has tremendous amounts of concentrated poverty, especially for African-Americans â€" it’s one of the major ways that black poverty is different from white poverty. A 2015 study by Rutgers University public policy researcher Paul A. Jargowsky found that more than a third of all poor African-Americans in Chicago live in census tracts with poverty rates above 40 percent, compared with 26 percent of poor African-Americans in New York.

So, just some food for thought when you hear about the whole Chicago crime vs. guns issue....
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