Crime in Chicago vs. NYC

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    So in my seemingly daily wasted efforts to comment on blogs on more liberal parts of the internet, the Chicago vs. NYC gun violence comes up a lot. The liberals like to point out that gun owners point to Chicago having really strict gun laws and yet a lot of crime, but that Chicago has had to drop a lot of their restrictions due to federal courts and other bureaucracy (little things I guess, like 'constitutionality'). They like to assign cause and effect between dropping the gun restrictions and the rise in crime, as well as blame Indiana for 'law laws' (like not requiring a permit to buy a firearm, just like most states don't).

    I actually found a good article that pretty much avoids this and looks at real issues:

    So, just some food for thought when you hear about the whole Chicago crime vs. guns issue....
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    Because of Decades of bad gun and other policies, the problem with Chicago is that they've attracted and produced such a thug culture, that thrives off selling illegal drugs, and shooting and killing rival gang members.