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This is to inform you of certain criminal activity that has occurred
on campus this past week. On Tuesday, a student visiting the North
Avenue Apartments was robbed in an elevator and late last night two
students were robbed while walking along Sixth Street near the West
Campus residence halls. No one was harmed in either of these incidents.

These cases are being investigated by the Georgia Tech Police
Department, and information is being shared with the Atlanta Police,
who patrol areas adjacent to the Tech campus. Both departments have
assigned a special patrol to work late night/early morning shifts to
disrupt what is believed to be a coordinated criminal effort. One
suspect is under arrest as a result of this initiative.

We want to stress that Georgia Tech is not experiencing an overall
increase in crime, nor is our criminal activity concentrated in any
one area. What has changed is our emphasis on providing timely
information to the campus community. It is our belief that keeping
you aware of criminal activity will help underscore the need to
remain vigilant, to be aware of your surroundings and to take every
precaution to prevent becoming a victim.
yea...kinda can't legally do that on campus right now...
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