Creekside - near Cartersville

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  1. Lightsped

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    Anyone shoot at Creekside near the PowerPlant and Cartersville? I am a member there and try to go out at least two times a month, sometimes more.

    Creekside info is below:

    Creekside Firing Range is a safe environment for any level shooter to enjoy. We encourage any level shooter to join us and if you are just getting started we offer private lessons from experienced range personnel. Our pistol range has10 six foot wide lanes with both metal and paper targets. The rifle range has L-shaped and flat shooing tables at 25, 50, and 100 yards. We have areas for prone, sitting, and standing positions and the 100 yard line is covered. Longer distance of 300 and 500 yards is offered for rifles weekday mornings from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (by reservation only). We have specified training areas and member’s only areas set aside.

    We offer the rare opportunity to fire automatic weapons under the strict supervision of our professional staff.

    We also encourage you to bring your children out and keep the shooting sport moving forward. We are starting a youth gun club in Feb. 2007 and hope to build a competitive shooting team from it. Click on the link to the left for details.

    Please feel free to contact us at anytime! We hope to see at the range.

    * Safety is our #1 priority * Range Master on site
    * Automatic Weapon Rental * Paper and Metal Targets
    * Memberships Available * Youth Gun Club
    * Safe Environment * Private Lessons Available
    * Mixed tournaments held bi-weekly * Friendly environment
  2. M249

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    It's my favorite place to shoot until a I find a 500m range :) I've only been once, but I want to go again. Betty needs a workout.

  3. AeroShooter

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    I've been there twice, shot there once. CS is not competitive with my current range provider ( or my needs at the moment.

    * Too far, 25 minutes from my house (ASR = 7 minutes)
    * Pricing structure, $20 for a shoot is expensive (ASR = $10 approx)
    * Don't want to pay the membership expense (ASR has none)

    Once they improve their facilities, or I get into longer distance shooting, I'll be back -- the range complex was quite satisfactory.

    If you haven't been to ASR yet, it's worth a trip. Steve Holloway has a very nice set up.
  4. Lightsped

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    Just a bump for Creekside. Its a fairly new place, but they have everything. And the yearly membership cost is very much worth it. I figured I'd see more people from this website out there as there is normally a decent amount of people shooting at Creekside.