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couple of Comp-Tac questions

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Question #1: For those of you that have Comp-Tac Paddle Holsters. Do you have the regular paddle or the locking paddle design?

Question #2: I have the CTAC for my G30 and love it. I also see people raving about the MTAC. Is this the one everyone is talking about? It appears to be the same as the CTAC but with a leather backing for added comfort. Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster.
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zookeper said:
i choose my holsters carefully and it's eliminated "holster drawer" that some of you suffer from :)
This is what I am working on now.........picking exactly what I like and eliminating the rest. Almost finished, just have 2 more to get rid of & 2 more I am getting ready to order from Comp-Tac.

I finally decided that rather than trying to cover all my bases for each pistol - IWB, OWB, etc. I would instead look at each pistol and, realistically, decide how I would most likely carry it. I know for a fact I will never IWB carry my Sigs. They are just too big and heavy. The opposite is true for my smaller pistols. Then there are the ones you know you will never leave the house with so why bother getting really nice holsters for them, they likely won't see the inside of leather anyway.
I just rec'd in the mail today my new Comp-Tac paddle for my 229R (.40). For the record it does NOT work for my 226R (9mm). I had pretty much confirmed that anyway, but now it is for sure. I still am not sure if I like it. Those others of you that have one, please comment. Granted it is brand new but it seems that I have to use both hands to draw. I have adjusted the screws and the retention is great. Too great, in fact. I have to use my opposite thumb to apply a small amount of pressure to the curve where it goes into my waistband. When I do this it slips in and out very easily. Otherwise, I can tug and tug and it won't come out, even when I loosen the screws all the way. I will say it grips on my belt well and pushes the butt of the gun into my side so it conceals well under a shirt. I guess time will tell. O ya, it seems like this holster is going to cause some wear down the top of the slide. It has already marked it up slightly. I buffs out with just a soft cloth but I fear this will in time cause some wear marks.

Regular Comp-Tac Paddle (below)

Also rec'd a MTAC for my new Glock 19. I have raved about my CTAC for some time. However, after trying on this MTAC. I am sold. Now I wish I had another MTAC instead of the CTAC. It is much more comfortable and just as invisible. My only complaint about the CTAC has been some occasional discomfort when I wear it against my bare skin (no undershirt between my skin and the holster). The leather backing on the MTAC will completely solve this problem. I highly recommend the MTAC, even over the CTAC. Another good thing about it is you can order just the "body" of the holster and use the same rig for different pistols. See their website for details.

CTAC (below)

MTAC (below)

Side by Side (below, note the plastic piece on the CTAC which is the cause of some occasional discomfort)

Yes, those are dog hairs in the pics. I took these on top of an old blanket we cover the bed with while we are gone.
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Breadfan63 said:
I like the looks of the MTAC. I just got my K&D Cochise Defender the other day and it's as nice as I expected it to be from the rave reviews. I really looked at the CTAC and that's what I was going to get, but I decided that it wouldn't be comfortable to me for the reasons you listed. Is that a slide model that your G19 is in? I orderd my holster for the G22 and it seems to fit the compact and subby guns just fine.
The MTAC is just the MTAC. There is no designation of slide vs holster (although, technically it is a slide). However, the Comp-Tacs are molded very closely to your pistol so the same MTAC will work for all compact Glocks 19/23/32, but will not accommodate the full-sized 17/22/31. If I remember tonight I will try to shove my G22 in the MTAC I have for the G19 just for fun, unloaded of course.

I would definitely recommend the MTAC over the CTAC now that I have both.

For example, I had a Fobus Kydex paddle which would fit both a 229R (.40) and a 226R (9mm) perfectly, leather holsters were the same. The Comp-Tac paddle I ordered for my 229R will only fit it (and .357 P229R). My 226R will not fit, neither will a P229R in 9mm. Makes for a great fit, and increased sales for them because you have to buy that many more holsters to carry your armory in.
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