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couple of Comp-Tac questions

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Question #1: For those of you that have Comp-Tac Paddle Holsters. Do you have the regular paddle or the locking paddle design?

Question #2: I have the CTAC for my G30 and love it. I also see people raving about the MTAC. Is this the one everyone is talking about? It appears to be the same as the CTAC but with a leather backing for added comfort. Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster.
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got a regular paddle. haven't tried the mtac, but i'm happy with my comp-tac, so i'll stick with it.
budder said:
Give the holster a little time. It'll loosen up a bit.

I bought my paddle used, so I don't know if it requires much of a break-in period or not.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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