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    I had some free time last week while in Rome and decided to do a little shopping. I hit Google and searched for Gun Stores Rome Ga and this place popped up. I'd never heard of it before so I rode out to see what they had.

    How have I lived in this area for almost 30 years and never heard of this place? They had a wall full of long guns, counters stacked full of hand guns, tons of ammo and plenty of accessories! Everyone was pleasant to deal with and very helpful.

    The selection was very good, prices were reasonable for the area (little or no competition but not ripping anyone off) and they have a huge selection of fishing tackle to boot. They do have a pawn shop in house so there is some used "stuff" to browse around. They mentioned that they were looking in to putting an indoor range in the basement in the future.

    If you are in the area and have a few minutes to kill I would suggest stopping by. I will definitely be back.

    They are located a few miles out past Sams and Wal-Mart heading towards Coosa. Just past the Honda & Kawasaki shop they will be on the right in a big, neon orange building (2806 Shorter Ave). You can't miss it.
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    The new building they are in is nice (used to be located beside the Liquor store down the road) and they seem to have increased their stock to fill it. Probably have the biggest used inventory in the Rome area.
    Their prices aren't great, but also aren't the worst I've seen (want to know where to get a stock Glock in Cartersville for $580? :screwy: ).
    The are very friendly.

    If you're in the area during the week check out Tom's Gun Shop, which is about five minutes back into Rome on the same road. He's in the shopping center on the right just past the Sonny's BBQ, at the East corner facing the Subway.
    He keeps a variety of new handgun stock with decent prices and is the kind of guy you can spend all day talking to.

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    I agree about the prices but they are not unreasonable either. If you factor in time and gas traveling, sometimes it's worth it to just pay a little more and buy it when you see it.

    I've known Tom for years and think highly of him. Very nice guy and yes you can stand in there and talk to him all day if you're not careful.

    I bet I know where you are talking about in Cartersville :lol:
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    And to complete the tour of Rome. Stay on the same road as Country Sportsman towards AL for about 4-5 more miles, take 100 North on the right. Go about 3 miles and Floyd County Wildlife Association is on the left.
    I think you can shoot all day as a guest for 7 dollars.
    The rifle range is 50, 100, 200 and 300 yrd targets
    I spend a lot of hours out there on weekends with a bunch of great guys running the place
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    ive know kevin at the country sportsmen for years he used to be my youth director back when i was younger , hes a real good guy i bought my first hand gun from them and scence then ive got more from them. then every now and then ill stop by toms on my way to work and look around and hes made me late for for a few times yall are on the money about him talking but he shoots it to you straight.
  6. GAfirearmsReference

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    nice place

    I was at Country Sportsmen this weekend, in Rome.
    Good store. Lots of guns and accessories, and other hunting and fishing gear too.
    The guns I saw ran from purely sporting ones to combat / self-defense/ militia type weapons. Good selection.

    I hope they choose to buy and stock our Georgia Weapons Laws book. I sold a couple of sample copies to the clerks there. If any of you folks in Floyd County or nearby who go to Rome for shopping and such want to see this store carry the Georgia Weapons Laws booklet, ask them about it.
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    I had a new Beretta shotgun transferred to me this morning at Country Sportsman. Checked out the gun, filled out the 4473, no NCICs check, $30 fee and out the door. Easy guys to work with. I'll be shipping a gun out through them next week.

    It would be great if they reopened their indoor range cause there aren't many choices in the Floyd County area except for the Live Fire Range.