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"Counter sniper optics"

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Can anybody tell me what "Bertrillium-Zantitium" means?
I was looking through a sportsman's guide the other day and saw they had crusader scopes that were "military overrun"
Quote from their site" Reticle & Illumination: Mildot, Tactical Cross, TDRM Front or Rear Focal Plane Engraved Glass shockproof to 5000g's, lifetime warranted. Tri~Color Red, Green, Black Variable Intensity, 4 Color Red, Green, Blue, Black Variable Intensity on Titanium models"

5000 g's ...really?

This crap is the most laughable sH^t I have EVER read in my life.

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:lol: :screwy:

Our optics allow you to kill people with your F'in MIND!
I believe that Zantitium was invented by Pamela Anderson but I have no source to cite.
Sounds like it was manufactured by the same good people that brought us the Flux Capacitor.....
If you google ""Bertrillium-Zantitium" you'll find numerous firearm related sites asking the same questions, making the same comments and even a few 1st hand reviews. Basic consensus is "BS".
I'd bet there is no NSN number associated with any of their products nor has there ever been.
I think it's cool that they invented two new elements just for this optic! :righton:

BTW, remember that always:

sniper = bad guy with a precision rifle
counter sniper = good guy with a precision rifle

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Jmark said:
I'd bet there is no NSN number associated with any of their products nor has there ever been.
Something a poster on one of the other sites pointed out was that it says "Military Overrun"... but it doesn't say whose military. :lol:
I dont think you can have both front and rear focal plane reticles on the same scope. :?

It sounds like a bunch of BS to make the cheap scope interesting for sale.
zetor said:
shockproof to 5000g's
That isn't worth much without a time component.
5000g for 1ns? Not much to that.
5000g for 200ms? Impress me you have...
Titanium Line is the only tactical riflescope in the world UNCONDITIONALLY warranted for life. Battle damage, bomb damage, even bullet impacts are covered. If it is damaged unworkable, send it to us and we will fix it or give you a new one.

CounterSniper Military Optical Gunsights Corp is Headquartered in Rochester NY, the imaging capital of the world. Long a primary Soviet nuclear impact target due to the creation of optical sighting systems for satellites, spy planes and now digital imaging devices, it is home to some of the premier optical creation, coating and imaging companies.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :screwy:
AIR SOFT SCOPE!!!! :lol:

for nijas... :rotfl2: :rotfl2:
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