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Is it possible that your views are wrong about the existence of God?

  • Yes, it's possible I could be mistaken about God.

    Votes: 24 37.5%
  • No, there's no possibility I'm mistaken about God.

    Votes: 40 62.5%
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Unless I'm mistaken, didn't scientist just find the particle that is responsibly for gravity?

I thought that was very cool and revolutionary.

It always baffles me how gravity and a very massive or dense object can bend photons and also how time just seems to stop in certain types of black holes. At least to an outside observer.

For me, its so cool that gravity and massive or dense objects can bend or seem to stop space/time, the very fabric of our universe.

I'm in aww and baffled by dark energy and dark matter.
the Higgs field is not the universal giver of mass to things in the universe
1 - 7 of 554 Posts
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