Corps of Engineers (again)

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    If they pull out of the settlement they can be sued again. We'll then see what the SCOTUS says about it.
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    Let's hope so, except for the fact that doing such might take a long time.

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    We have finally received our letters from Mobile. They had been signed and dated on December 15th.

    Few more information that may be useful to other members.
    At the end of November I sent a message to the Facebook page of the 'U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Allatoona Lake'. It was for information about waterfowl hunting on the lake. However since the person with whom I had the exchange had been very helpful, I eventually asked if there was a way to check on our requests for permission to carry on the property. He said that he would have called the office in Mobile and inquired. The same morning I received a phone call. The lady who called me said that they had sent us a letter at the end of August, asking for additional documents (the back side of our driver's licenses). I explained that we had never received it so she asked me to send the missing documents by email, and so I did. The day after I asked if everything was in order, and she confirmed that they had all they needed and that our requests had been sent for signatures.
    Yesterday I sent another email, wondering if our permission letters had been lost in the mail.
    Today I received a phone call from another lady who said that our letters had been signed on 12/15, and mailed to us, but since we had not received them she was going to anticipate them by email.
    I received the email with our letters shortly after.

    Everybody was cordial and professional.

    By the way, I am going to send one more letter asking for permission for my two sons to use air rifles for recreational purposes.
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    There is just something wrong with this entire process of silly, "Just jump through this hoop, oh, and this one," and now I grant you permission.
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    I totally I agree. And just to be clear when I wrote "Everybody was cordial and professional" I was really referring to the individuals who tried to help, so that maybe other members would be encouraged to be proactive in case they find themselves in the same situation.

    The whole thing is absolutely outrageous.