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This won't see much movement until NYSRPA v NYC is resolved, but it always amazes me how these May-Issue states are so intrusive in peoples lives. They (Plaintiff-Appellant) are getting ready for the dominoes to fall.

Originally seen here -
Opening brief for plaintiff-appellant

- 6 -
May a citizen be automatically denied every type of gun license for refusing to answer Questions 11, 12, and 13[3] of the gun license application required by the City of New York?

Question 11: "Have you ever… been discharged from employment?"
Question 12: "Have you ever… used narcotics or tranquilizers?"
Question 13: "Have you ever… been subpoenaed to, or testified at, a hearing or inquiry conducted by an executive, legislative, or judicial body?"


Has the city violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by automatically exempting retired police officers from the"proper cause" requirement?


May a citizen be required to demonstrate a need greater than that of the average citizen in order to exercise their right to bear arms?
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