Cops Kill Armed Lawyer

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    Forsyth County deputies came to a lawyer's house on a domestic violence call and soon thereafter killed the husband, an attorney, for holding a gun.

    The GBI is investigating. Not enough details are being released yo the public to assess whether this was a legal use of deadly force.

    But, given this guy's history of generating 911 calls to his house and fighting with cops when they arrive, it sounds like he was in the wrong (again).

    What I want to know is, why are pansy-ass judges allowing *anybody* (lawyer or mechanic or unemployed; high school dropout or Ph.D.) to avoid jail time for assaulting police officers?

    Counseling and "anger management" classes should be a condition of probation AFTER the prisoner is released from months in jail. Not a condition to having all the charges dropped.

    If society lets people get away with bad behavior, we will see MORE bad behavior.
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    Seeing this come true in virtually every aspect of our society today.