Cops get lucky in motel...

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    It's always better to be lucky than good........, but not for this guy!

    I-74 Shooting Suspect Caught -- By Accident

    POSTED: 7:27 am EDT May 22, 2007
    UPDATED: 4:33 pm EDT May 22, 2007

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A man accused of shooting an Elmwood Place woman and pushing her out of a van on Interstate 74 has been arrested.

    Whitehall, Ohio, police said they caught Kenneth Carter as he tried to escape out the back window of a hotel room just after 3 a.m. Tuesday.

    But the police officers he was running from weren't looking for him.

    Whitehall police said that, as luck would have it, their officers were knocking on the door of the room next door to Carter's to find a domestic violence suspect.

    Officers covering the back of the hotel spotted Carter soon after.

    Police were able to arrest the domestic violence suspect as well, they said.

    Indiana State Police detectives interviewed Carter on Tuesday, when they determined the shooting had taken place in Cincinnati.

    The victim, Cristi Hatley, 24, was taken to Indiana and pushed out of the van after the she was shot, police said.

    She is still undergoing treatment for her injuries at University Hospital, and he condition has not been released.

    Carter remains in police custody in Ohio, and Indiana authorities will decide whether to charge him with criminal confinement.

    Score two for the guy guys!
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    That guy has a PHD in dumbass.

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    The cops got two for the price of one !
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    Good luck is a good thing.
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    Yay for LEO's!

    Let the record show that we are not anti-LEO