cops afraid of lawsuits more than being shot.

Discussion in 'In the News' started by albundy, Nov 22, 2006.

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    I know and have met many LEOs, be it City, Sheriff, or state (even one federal) and they ALL carried off-duty.

    They amost always say it is for protection from someone they busted or someone related/friends with someone they busted (not a particular person, could be anyone encountered while on the job).
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    I am confident saying that more non-sworn citizens are killed violently than on or off duty cops every year in GA. Probably to the order of 100x more. I have no sympathy towards their plight and will vigorously oppose they having more rights than I.

    The very fact that PD in GA or all over the USA in fact, have more rights to carry firearms is garbage. I am willing to bet that given my military and civillian training that I am far more prepared and competent than your average LEO in weapon use. Double standards mean I give you three shakes of the finger and one loud FU to those in LE who think you have more inherent rights off-duty as I do.
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    Re: Weird....

    When I was a kid, we had a neighbor who was a Louisville PD detective. I loved visiting him. He wife gave me cookies and he told cop stories.

    He had lots of guns, most taken off bad guys. He could reach a loaded gun from any seat in the house including the throne! He always answered the door with gun in hand and never left home without two on his person. He did this because he was concerned some of the many guys he had put away would come looking for him intent on revenge. We probably had quite a few of them in our neighborhood.

    He also carried a blackjack and brass knuckles. Blackjacks and saps are illegal for us and not carried by many cops, but he said they were damned effective for "convincing" arrested individuals (esp.drunks) to cooperate...

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    Foshizzle, I 100% agree.