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Cop Shoots Kid

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after kid calls cops at mom's instruction regarding dad being irate at 0400.

Based on limited info it appears this does not go well for the cop.


Murry said the officer who arrived at the home “had his gun drawn at the front door and asked those inside the home to come outside.” Murry said her son was shot coming around the corner of a hallway, into the living room.

“Once he came from around the corner, he got shot,” Murry said. “I cannot grasp why. The same cop that told him to come out of the house. (Aderrien) did, and he got shot. He kept asking, ‘Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?’” she said.
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He shot an unarmed 11 year old?

I don't think the usual excused for shooting innocents are going to work this time.
Nakala Murry said her son is strong, but Aderrien does not understand what happened to him.​
“His words were: ‘Why did he shoot me? What did I do?’ and he started crying,” she said.​
She remembers holding her son, applying pressure to his wound and seeing blood run from his mouth — an image she sees every time she closes her eyes.​


Investigators did not name the Indianola police officer, but Moore said his investigation uncovered that the officer is Greg Capers, who was named the department’s “best officer.”​
“If he’s your best, Indianola, you need a clean house from top to bottom,” Moore said.​
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