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This is an old story, and I "thought" I'd read about it here before, but now I can't find it. The shooting "victim" is Alfred Olongo, a black man killed by the police in El Cajon, California in September 2016.

Since the "cop kills unarmed Air Force servicemember" thread is here in this section, this story ought to be covered here, too.

IN A NUTSHELL: A man is acting weird and potentially dangerous. Somebody calls 911. Cops show up and the guy is hostile and uncooperative.
When cops corner him on the street, he reaches for his pocket or waistband and pulls out a black object and grips it with two hands in a classic shooting stance, and aims it at the cops.

Cops shoot him dead on the spot.

Turns out he was unarmed.

The black object was a vaping device. An accessory for smoking flavored oil and nicotine. It looks nothing like a gun when viewed alone, in good light, up close. But when you only catch a glimpse of it, in a man's hand, and the man is brandishing it in the same way that so many other people brandish handguns...

(It also turns out that this Ugandan refugee is a convicted drug dealer and felon, and had been arrested and faced probation revocation for carrying a gun in his vehicle after getting out of prison on his drug crime. But the officers probably didn't know any of that when they made the shoot/ no shoot decision.)

I think it's a good shoot.

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