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Hey Ramm, why are you posting on conspiracy sites?

ShadowXIX [aka Rammstein]

posted on 24-4-2007 @ 02:38 PM

I saw this Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) that introduced this bill on the news following the VT shooting.

She was asked about a few points of Resolution 1022 one being the proposed ban on features like Barrel shrouds. She was asked what a barrel shroud was and why they should be banned.

She tried to changed the subject and when asked again admitted she had no clue what a barrel shroud even was so as you can imagine her arguement as to why they should be banned was somewhat weak.

Why do the people that introduce such bans seem to have the least knowledge on the subject?

BTW a barrel shroud is a covering for the barrel of a firearm that protects the user of the weapon from heat generated by the barrel. Guns get hot and it sucks if you touch the barrel by accident, I know firsthand.
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