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GAGunOwner said:
I do believe that the eventual goal of liberals is a total disarmament of the civilian population in the United States.
I pretty much have to agree, but it's getting more and more difficult to tell them apart...

We've seen the worse attacks on personal liberties and privacy under the current administration than ever before. We've seen the country borrow more money in the past six years than in all the years that went before.

Yeah, they want our guns but only because they're just about taken everything else!

We can no longer neatly categorize people under "liberal" and "conservative" headings as there are so many "political cross-dressers". Some, otherwise wild-eyed liberals are believers in the second amendment while some hard-core conservatives want guns off the streets.

Don't forget, the confiscation of guns in New Orleans was ordered by a liberal mayor. However that order was carried out by, and defended by, many who normally wouldn't be considered liberals at all!

"Ya can't tell the players without a scorecard" is truer now than ever before!
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