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    In my experience, one of the biggest obstacles to performing well in any sport, once you've developed the fundamental skills necessary, is confidence.

    My pursuit is bowling. I've practiced for 5 years and know the fundamentals. My handicap is low and getting lower every week. Yet - I have developed a mental block regarding the 7 pin. As a right hander, it should be an easy spare for me. A month ago, it was easy. Then I started missing. Now I'm missing about 2/3 of my attempts. I actually feel a sense of dread when I see the 7 pin down the lane. It's like I set myself up for failure before I even attempt the shot.

    I will focus on the 7 in my next few practice sessions; hopefully making the shot a few times will inspire the confidence I'm now missing.

    My question to you:
    Have you ever had to overcome a mental block in a sport or other skilled pursuit? To make it relevant, how about in hunting or shooting sports? Any useful books, links, etc. that you found? Have any bowlers specifically tackled a troublesome pin & had good results?

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    i never had anything like that but, my father had to start using a "release" trigger in
    his trap gun because of a flinch.