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Concert in the park at Woodstock

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So the wife and I along with our 3 youngest boys went to a concert in the park tonight. Of course I was unarmed, being a public gathering and all.

I saw what looked like a number of teenagers in tactical outfits with badges printed on the shirts. They had walkie talkies and flashlights on a service belt. They were managed by a member of the Woodstock police force. I didn't ask who they were but I'd like to know. Has anyone seen this in Woodstock? Who are these kids.

The funny part of the evening was when I bought my 14 year old a root beer, which came in an old fashioned dark glass bottle. We were watching the show when I noticed one of the kid-cops go over to the supervisor and then point in our direction. Soon after the supervisor and two kid-cops came pretty close to us and were definitely observing my son. When I get up to throw my root beer away the supervisor comes over and asks if I'm with the young guy in the red shirt. After I say yes, he asks what he's drinking. After I told him and showed him my bottle he just smiled and said okay, and walked away. :lol:

A good time was had by all.
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Legacy, you're probably right, the ages were about right. I was observing them throughout the evening and it was clear that a few of them were uncomfortable playing the role of LEO, but there were a couple that I expect to see in uniform for real in a few years.
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