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Concert in the park at Woodstock

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So the wife and I along with our 3 youngest boys went to a concert in the park tonight. Of course I was unarmed, being a public gathering and all.

I saw what looked like a number of teenagers in tactical outfits with badges printed on the shirts. They had walkie talkies and flashlights on a service belt. They were managed by a member of the Woodstock police force. I didn't ask who they were but I'd like to know. Has anyone seen this in Woodstock? Who are these kids.

The funny part of the evening was when I bought my 14 year old a root beer, which came in an old fashioned dark glass bottle. We were watching the show when I noticed one of the kid-cops go over to the supervisor and then point in our direction. Soon after the supervisor and two kid-cops came pretty close to us and were definitely observing my son. When I get up to throw my root beer away the supervisor comes over and asks if I'm with the young guy in the red shirt. After I say yes, he asks what he's drinking. After I told him and showed him my bottle he just smiled and said okay, and walked away. :lol:

A good time was had by all.
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I was in two Explorer Posts when I was in high school.

The first was in Birmingham, it was sponsored by the 20th Special Forces Group of the Alabama Army National Guard. The second was in Nashville, sponsored by the Nashville Fire Department.

Good times :)
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