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Concealing a P226R

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I'm torn between some of the options I have found on the net. I'm looking at the Crossbreed Super Tuck and the Comp-tac Minotaur. I like the Comp-tac because I can switch out the kydex shells for other pistols. Anyone here conceal a 226? I know its a large pistol but it spoiled me and I feel more comfortable with that than my smaller pistols.

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I used a Southern Memphis holster for my 226R. Worked perfectly IWB at 4 o'clock, was very comfy and concealed the gun very well. It was a leather holster though.
I carry a p220 (just a little thinner than p226) and a FNP 45 in a Ryan Grizzle Town and country. Heavy guns, but very comfortable. Hides so well I no longer own smaller handguns as there is no need. I have bought 4 holsters from Ryan and all have been great.
When I actually carry my 226 on me, it rides in a VM2.
When I carry my P226R it rides in a CompTac. It's very comfortable, secure, and concealable with the C-clips. I have a crossbreed supertuck for my HK45. It's comfy but does not hide as well due to the big belt clips. It does not hold the pistol as tightly as a comptac does either. That could be a concern if you are more physically active while you carry. The comptac is also made to a much higher standard of quality than the supertuck imho. If you inspect the two sise by side I think you'd agree.
I conceal my P229 with a City Slicker from R Grizzle Leather. I know a P226 is a good bit larger, but I think its doable. My P229 conceals very well.

I will tell you, with an IWB option, make sure you have a good belt, because a fully loaded Sig P229 is heavy, same with the P226.

So definitely get a good bet for IWB.
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