Concealed license versus license to carry handgun

Discussion in 'Ga. County Licensing Information' started by tradocdsoy, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. tradocdsoy

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    I have recently obtained my conealed license in Harris County. However, in reading "Gun Laws in Plain English" I noticed the following:

    "Carrying a pistol without a license Not only must a person have a license to carry a concealed firearm, but you must have a license to carry a handgun, openly or concealed, outside of your own home, place of business, and motor vehicle. "

    What does this mean? Do I still need to get another license in order to carry my handgun concealed?

    I have a Ruger P85 purchased pre-Brady bill back in Wisconsin. Do I have to register it too?
  2. Broadside Bob

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    In GA there's only one license...

    ...but you must have a GA Firearm's License to carry open or concealed. Once you have your GFL, you can do either though most (I believe anyway) choose to conceal.

    We do not have gun registration.