Concealed is concealed, er, well, not in GA

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    Concealed has never quite meant "concealed" in Georgia. Under the old law, it was whatever was not "fully open and exposed to view," and a weapon might be concealed if a person in one vantage point could see it but a person in another vantage point could not. This was a vestige of the old law where, for more than a century, it was illegal to conceal a weapon in Georgia. Rather, the law required a person to carry a weapon in a way that put others on notice that he was carrying so that they could avoid him if they so chose.

    Then, for a few years, concealed was not really a distinction in Georgia law anymore, other than some minor issues regarding concealing weapons for which no license was required to carry, such as a rifle.

    Now, the word concealed has made its way back into the law in the form of campus carry. In looking at the definition, however, this does not mean "concealed is concealed." HB 280 defines concealed in several ways, but the main idea is that the weapon is not prominently, openly, and intentionally displayed.

    The law now describes ways in which one may carry on campus, including carrying with the weapon substantially but not necessarily completely concealed by an article of clothing.

    It occurred to me today as I pulled my polo knit shirt over my Glock 20 pistol in a belt holster made by Chuck Brothers, that the bottom was peeking out from under the shirt where the split in the shirt resides, at the seam between the front and tail of the shirt. Anytime I reach high with my strong arm the bottom of the holster is distinctly visible, displaying warthog and ostrich skin for anybody paying attention.

    This method of carry would easily meet the definition of concealed under the new law.
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    The best fix is to remove the concealed only language from campus carry.

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    Well, this was more a commentary on the concealed language than a proposal, but I'm with you. Of course, I would remove all restrictions anywhere relating to firearms. I just thought I would share something that the public at large, and readers of this site, probably have not considered.
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    I believe licensed-to-carry college students should be taking some notes from MP's lesson on the law here.

    You know, when I visit college owned property that's open to the public, I will also substantially have my firearm covered. ;-)
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    Why do I foresee a future post by Phil about "My Day Carrying On Campus?" :lol:
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    Thank you for the post, I had always wondered that