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They have a Facebook group with over 1,500 members.

Here is what I posted to the group:

me said:
For all of the members in Georgia I want to draw your attention to a fantastic group.

Georgia Carry is a grassroots organization that is involved in reforming Georgia's terrible carry laws.

In the few months that it has been around it has already accomplished many things. GCO has been successful in getting local gun bans repealed. They were instrumental in forcing many counties to issue temporary licenses. Also, Georgia Carry is suing probate judges into compliance with regard to issuing permits in the time frame mandated by law (60 days).

Now for the reason we are all here. Georgia Carry is currently working on reclaiming the right to self defense through the use of firearms for college students.

You can help Georgia Carry by becoming a member and being active in letting your state legislators hear your voice. During the next legislative session your support will be critical.

If you truly wish to see change in laws related to carrying arms in Georgia, colleges included, then I must implore you to join Georgia Carry in its efforts to take back your rights.

Also, Georgia now has a premier source for information on state gun laws.

Georgia Packing has information on:
Laws in plain english
Places off limits
A copy of the Georgia Code that relates to firearms.
Current gun bills in the General Assembly
License beginners guide
Map of states that grant reciprocity for license holders
Report cards on Georgia's Assemblymen
The application process for each county
Case law impacting guns
and more

There is also a forum if you have any questions.

So be sure to check out

5,798 Posts
I'm not too worried about employers. They would have to either go to, or be an alum of, Georgia Southern.

As for classmates...they probably see me walking around town with it on, so I sorta let the cat out of the bag by open carrying.
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