Conceal Carry for LEO

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    Hello I'm moving to ATL and I will be taking a postion with the Dekalb County sheriff as a detention Officer. I was wondering if they are allowed to carry off due due to the fact they are working for a law enforcement agency?
    I currently work for Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections and it is very vital that the option be open due to the nature of work.
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    Legally as a detention officer (essentially a deputy sheriff since you're going to take an oath as a public officer, but with no power to serve warrants or effect traffic stops) you can carry open or concealed a firearm without a license and carry to most offlimit places such as public gatherings and the state capitol.

    You may or may not be able to carry within the guard lines of the jail that you are working at. The code section for guard lines (O.C.G.A. 42-4-13) states that no person may carry within the guard lines... a gun or pistol... without the consent of the jailer thereof.. In that chapter, the term jailer is defined as the Sheriff, chief of police, warden, or public safety director. So you may have to get permission to carry a weapon inside the jail legally.

    Also you need to have a look at subsection c of code section 16-11-173 as to whether or not you can carry a weapon while on-duty. Off-duty I think you should be fine carrying, just make sure you have some department I.D. on you. Once you become "mandated" you should get a little laminated card with your name on it and the card will say that you are exempt from the firearm laws of the state pursuant to code section 16-11-130.

    O.C.G.A. 16-11-173 Legislative findings; preemption of local regulation and lawsuits; exceptions

    (C) A county or municipal corporation may regulate the transport, carrying, or possession of firearms by employees of the local unit of government in the course of their emplpyment with such local unit of government.