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I was shooting a Century Arms C308 Sporter rifle off of a table, using a so-so rubber rest and the iron sights. The first photo is from 25 yds. The second photo is from 50 yds. The ZQI shots are marked with a green Z. I’ll let you more experienced shooters interpret the results. (The PPU ammo seemed to kick a little bit more)


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comparing those two loads, they seem to be equally accurate in your rifle, under those improvised rest conditions.

On the 25 yard target, it looks like on the top row the Partizan ammo was better, but in the center target shot with both kinds, the ZQI ammo was tighter, without that high flyer. Then on the bottom row, both did about the same.

At 50, the groups look about the same to me.

I know that ammo "can" make a difference. I have some old military surplus ammo from Venezuela or Argentina or some such third world country, 1970s vintage, that only shoots 4 m.o.a. from a rifle that will do under 1 m.o.a. with 168-grain hollow tip match ammo.
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