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Compact scope?

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Can anyone please recommend a good compact scope suitable for an AR10? It's not like I haven't tried looking myself, but it was just pointless. I didn't think I wouldn't find anything useful. I would think googling for the best compact rifle scope would be at least somewhat helpful. Well, no, it wasn't. At least, not really. The first review in search results only offers some really expensive scopes. Oh, they are good, the problem is their price. I'm not one to part with a couple thousand dollars lightly.

Not even Amazon was particularly useful. The inbuilt search was too cluttered, and googling them did not turn up any relevant results.

I figured, simply asking someone would be a far better choice. Can anyone recommend something not too expensive?
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Price range and purpose? The old rule of thumb was to expect to spend half as much on the optic as you did on the rifle. Now days many say expect to spend as much or more on the optic. A lot will depend on what you want that optic to do. I tried a cheap scope on my AR and wound up pulling my old Leupold Vari X III 1.5-5 off my hunting rifle. Its not cheap and today's model costs almost as much as the gun.
For Lego guns there are a lot of options and therefore can be confusing. It can be narrowed down some but even then there will be lots of options.

Start by deciding what you want the optic for.

Is it for
Reaching out to farther distances than 100 to 300 yards
Precision competition
Rapid target acquisition
Low light situations

The list if endless and depends on what you intend to use the optic for and how much you expect it to accomplish the selected task.

Once you narrow the purpose down budget comes next. How much can you or are willing to spend?

As examples on my long range rifle the optic cost $2,000. On 2 of my AR15's A couple of hundred bucks each was enough for the intended use. 1 AR15 a cheap reflex sight around $150 works fine.

Anything you can do to help us out with making suggestions would be welcomed.
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