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This pass weekend Oct 16-17 I took another class with Dave Harrington, who is retired Army SF and was the firearms instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, it was part tactical, pure shooting, and some close quarters.

We shot steel poppers at 25,50,75,100yds with a pistol, then most of the class was 25yd body and head shots left and right hand, both hands. Gun handling drills lots of that and more.

This was my 8th class this year, next year I am looking forward to running my AK tough, back to Combat Shooting and
Tactics, Trident Concepts, and Tactical Response High risk contractor course medical, and US Training Center.

I prefer to train with people who are in an operational status or have been in shootings or have combat experince. I am not saying you cannot learn from others but I like the level of intensity provided by those who have been there and done that.

I also perfer classes that you must pass in order to get a certificate not just get one because you attended.

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8 combat shooting courses so far this year ???
Well, if that's what's fun for you.... keep on doing it!
I enjoy plinking at empy Diet Coke cans, shooting them off a tree stump out in the woods.
Which is not too different from the kind of marksmanship practice the first generation of Americans did in the late 18th century.
Mark a flat wooden board with a dark spot, set it out 50 or 100 paces across the pasture, and take a shot at it.
Shoot squirrels out of trees. Learn to aim for the turkey's head, and save the meat.
Those good 'ol boys with their Kentucky long rifles did OK in battle.
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