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05/16/2016 - Aggravated Assault Reported Near Campus
This afternoon the Columbus State University Police Department received a report from a student regarding an aggravated assault that happened about 4 a.m. on Sunday, May 15.

The report says an unknown male entered an apartment in the vicinity of Maryland Circle and threatened the residents with a handgun. We were told the suspect was looking for another individual, who is a non-student, and does not reside on campus. When told this person was not there, the suspect left.

The student reporting the incident was not injured and nothing was been reported stolen from the apartment. CSU Police is continuing the investigation to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. No detailed description of the suspect is able to be provided at this time. Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call CSU Police at (706) 507-8911.

As we enter the summer semester, it remains important for campus community members to be aware of their surroundings and immediately report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

Students, faculty and staff may find the following safety tips to be beneficial:

Always secure and lock the windows/doors to your residence and vehicle.
Use deadbolts on exterior doors if they are equipped with them.
Call (706) 507-8911 or 911 if you see anyone or anything that looks suspicious or out of place on campus and in housing facilities.
Pre-program emergency numbers on your phone to allow for quick notification in an emergency.
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