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Columbus Shooting is Self Defense

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Homeowner Shoots Burglar

Tim Reid
August 22, 2007

According to police, a morning shooting in Columbus was a case of self defense.

Around 9:30 Wednesday morning police say a man armed with a gun entered a home on Patch drive.

Authorities say the homeowner pulled his own gun to defend himself. Sergeant Harvey Hatcher with the Columbus Police Department tells News Three this was a clear case of self defense. Hatcher says "right now the preliminary investigation shows the homeowner who lives here was confronted by a subject with a gun. The homeowner was able to retrieve his own weapon and fired shots at the suspect". Hatcher says the attacker was shot in the arm and was taken to The hospital. After the shooting the culprit ran one block away to Eddy street where he was taken into custody.

The case is being handled as an attempted burglary. The homeowner was not charged.

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It was in his house!

As for the Columbus ban, it is citywide, but GCO has been unable to confirm that they even attempt to enforce it.
phaed said:
another happy ending.

i lived in columbus for 3 years, i didn't even know about any type of gun ban.
Here you go
esti said:
"He told (name omitted) he wasn't afraid to die. He pointed his weapon at Mr. F, at which point Mr. F shot him."
It's like he asked for it!

Why omit the names from a published news account?
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