Colt Defender, Para Slim Hawg or Springfield EMP

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Guest, Dec 6, 2010.

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    I'm currently researching both the Colt Defender and the Para-Ordnance Slim Hawg (think they're small/thin enough for me to conceal.) I'm 5'6" 150 lbs and both of these models appeal to me in size and weight. I've considered a Springfield EMP .40 too since it has a higher round count/comes with 3 mags but it's slightly heavier too. All three seem to have decent sights as well. I've read good things about the Colt, but haven't ran across much on the Slim Hawg or EMP. Thoughts or experience with any of these?

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    That Springfield Loaded Micro Compact .45 looks appealing too and is lighter than the EMP .40 (lower round count though.)


  3. jklotz

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    I've got an EMP in 9. I love that little gun and carry it often. Mine was pretty much spot on right out of the box, never in 1500 or so rounds, have I had one failure. Eats everything I feed it, including different types of JHP's and defensive ammo. It's also very easy to carry and conceal, light for what it is and it shoots really well. VERY accurate. That being said, I haven't shot the .40, so I'm going to assume it would be more of the same, but I can't comment from experience. Hope this helps.
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    Colt Defender for me. I have on I picked up used and love it. The EMP is nice, but the Defender is less expensive, reliable, really light, and surprisingly accurate. Plus, there's just something about .45 ACP for me. There used to be a Para in my collection (not the Hawg), but it had multiple trips to the factory without them being able to resolve the issue, so that really soured me on taking any chances with something they produce.
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    I'll put in another vote for the EMP.

    My wife has one in 9mm and we love it! Aside from it initially not liking certain types of GA Arms FMJs and some HPs, ( which was resolved by having a gun smith friend polish up the feed ramp some ) it's been a reliable performer.

    I totally agree with jklotz on everything he said about the EMP. Great sights, light weight and accurate too!

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    Another vote for the Colt Defender. I have a Defender Plus- light, accurate and easy to conceal.
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    I own the micro .45, its an awesome weapon ,hyper accurate.
    I have the para slim hawg in stock as well as an EMP in 9mm, both fine firearms.

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    Springfield EMP all the way.