Colt, Beretta, Uberti, and cimmarron SAA......Brothers?

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    I have had lots of Colts over the years. I was surprised to here this today does any one know if its true. I was in Gander Mountain and I was eyeballing the Beretta Stampede I had put on Layaway last week. I got payed today and had permit in hand. I started looking around and was having 2nd thoughts. In the same price range were Golks, XDs, and M&Ps. I started looking at all. I really wanted a SAA in my collection and I ask to see my Beretta There was a gunsmith there and he said good choice! I said I am actually thinking about a XD or S&W M&P. His reponse was Do you like Colts.? I said yes. He said if you go and pay $1200.00 right now for a Colt Firearms SAA You will have the same gun your holding Cause UBERTI is manufactering for everyone at the moment. I said everyone? He said Colt, Beretta, Ubertis, and Cimmarron..................
    I bought a Stampede!
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    Pretty nice looking piece. :righton:

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    Single actions are a lot of fun and 45LC is always impressive.
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    I have a set of Uberty (Italy) 44-40s and a set of Charles Daly (Piettas also from Italy) 45s for my daughter.

    Uberti does not make guns for everyone but several American names import them.

    Pieta is also an Italian company which is imported by names such as Charles Daly.

    Colt is COLT and will always be COLT!

    USFA (US Fire Arms) are made in the old Colt factory and are all US made parts although they started out building from parts from Uberti.

    There is a new company that started making "Colt replicas" is STI from Texas. Also with a pricey tag.

    Colts are $1,200
    USFA is close at $900

    Uberti are good every day shooters at $350

    I have four revolvers for the price of one colt. If I had a COlt, there is no way I'd shoot it as much as I do my Uberti's. If I aint gonna pay $1,200 for a Colt, I aint gonna pay $900 for a USFA replica. STI is said to be as well made as a Colt.

    Anyway, I dont have specs or other names but I can add them later if you wish



    Taurus - Brazilian - distributed by Taurus USA
    Ruger -
    Cimarron -
    USFA - USA
    Colt - USA
    Uberti - Italy
    Pietta - Italy
    Taylor's -
    IAR - Import and Distribute
    The Great Western Co - USA
    STI - USA
    Beretta - Somehow related to Uberti
    Stoeger - Seen name on both Uberti and pietta boxs

    All in all many had a lot to do with each other some how in some way.

    However, what we need not forget is the Colt is still Colt all alone in name and quality since about 1847. I'd like to have one but can't justify the cost.
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    I bought exactly the same model. They wanted over $100 to get the same thing with the wood grip so I just made my own. :D
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    I was able to pick up both sets from fellow SASS shooters for $700 a pair. Even so, I still don't buy "new" although both sets were almost new with no scratches on the cylinder. By all means, they have scratches