College Campus - GSU or GT for example

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    The title says it all, can you legally carry on a college campus? What are the likely concequences if you're caught? My wife is considering another degree and Atlanta is out of the question if she can't carry.

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    Assuming the person is a GWL holder they'd be charged with a misdemeaor. They'd lose their gun forever. They'd loose their GWL for a period of time. They'd probably spend a few nights in the Fulton County jail until getting bonded out. The person would have an arrest record. They could face up to a year in jail but with no previous record the person would probably get some type of probation/community service, etc. The person would probably have to pay a fine. They would probably be expelled from the school forever. The person would probably be embarrsed by the local news.
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    While probably true in practice, where do you see this codified?
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    GAGunOwner Active Member ... section=51