Colin Powell...a self-confessed criminal

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    Yep...Colin Powell confessed to aiding and abetting known criminals....
    Do you have to pay speeding tickets? Parking fines? Maybe ole Colin will advocate for you to be let off the hook and even given taxpayer money for the crimes you commit..
    Are your tax dollars, everyday going to illegal (by definition criminal) immigrants...
    Illegal Immigration may be the single most important current issue because it drains our money, services, and assaults the Sovereinity of these (once?) Great United States of America... ... latestnews
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    "a path to legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants because they "are doing things we need done in this country."

    I thought there was a legal path, the same path millions of others have taken.

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    true true
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    Over 3 million legal immigrants are added into this country EVER YEAR!

    It amazes me how these liberal idiots claim that the system is broken.

    Let me ask a serious question, there are 6.6 Billion people in the world today, do all 6.6 BILLION have the right to come live in the U.S.? Do all 6.6 Billion have a right to come to America and benefit from our welfare state?

    Do all 6.6 Billion people have the right to free government mandated healthcare? Social Security? Medicare?

    How about just a sixth of that... let's say a sixth of the people in the world want to live in the U.S.... 1 Billion people have the right to benefit from our welfare state?

    Just how many people should we have to let into this country a year? I think 3 million people a year, legally brought into this country is a very large and respectable number. We only have three hundred million people, total in this country. In a decade, we had 30 million people to the U.S.

    No wonder we end up letting terrorist into the country, like the 9/11 terrorist that came in under Bill Clinton. How can we make sure that 3 million people a year are not terror threats? I'll tell you, its almost impossible.

    Why can't these liberals realize that we let in plenty of people into this country legally every year. Its a completely absurd and ridiculous argument.
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    I'll be str8 up honest with you guys, we shouldn't allow any more immigrants into this country UNTIL we solve these economic issues that we face as a country. It doesn't help that theres so many illegal immigrants on our Tax Payer Payroll and yet we don't have the money to take care of our selves let alone millions of illegals. As for Colin... someone should've dropped him like a bad habit a long time ago. I'd be surprised to find out how many politicians or officials in elected seats arent in fact helping or are criminals...
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    Only if they do work on your house for cash (don't wanna have to pay those pesky taxes) and
    under cut current citizens that are looking for work (but have to charge more since they will be
    required to pay those silly old taxes...) :screwy:
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